Our experienced team of spatial designers is able to bring any event site to life delivering a scale representation on screen, in print with plans, satellite image overlay and 3D visualisations and models.

Live Space helps event organisers plan both back of house and front of house infrastructure requirements designing for maximum utilisation of a site and most efficient infrastructure requirement.  Crowd flows can be modeled and infrastructure changes planned based on event phase or crowd movements delivering your event the greatest impact whilst balancing the relationship between your guests, the surrounding environment and your events objectives. Our team is capable of working into your event planning process either onsite embedded as part of your team or from our HQ in the Sydney CBD.

The team at Live Space encompasses experience providing professional overlay services covering all areas necessary for the successful execution of major events including back of the house infrastructure & logistics, crowd control and security overlay, technical and production overlay, catering and amenity overlay, volunteer and support staff overlay, broadcast & media overlay and VIP and hospitality overlay. 

Event services include.......

  • Temporary Overlay 
  • Crowd Modelling
  • 3D Modelling
  • Traffic Planning and Flows
  • Large Scale Plan Printing, Models & Presentations
  • Event Design
  • Infrastructure & Services Design
  • Visualisations and Fly Throughs
  • Spacial Planning
  • Satellite & Aircraft Imagery

Some of our accolades......